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AFU17 Post Event report

In March 2017, Nomanini, in partnership with the Bankable Frontiers Associates' FIBR project, hosted the first African Fintech Unconference in Ghana.  

Innovators, thought leaders, industry regulators, banks, telcos, and other established players in the emerging fintech sector, gathered in Accra for two days to discuss how fintech players can engage in smarter partnerships in a fast-moving industry that is ripe for consolidation.

From the feedback we received, the event proved valuable for everyone who attended, with every attendee saying they are either likely or very likely to recommend the African Fintech Unconference to a colleague or friend. For most, it was the first unconference-style event that they participated in, and we were delighted to see that over 75% of attendees rated that they were extremely satisfied with the format..

The post event report is now available for download. It includes a summary of the breakaway sessions, as well as event highlights and pictures. 

You can read the full report by clicking on here or the image on the left.

Register here to participate in the 2018 event.

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